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Stainless Steel for Fire Resistance
The types of materials used in construction are extremely wide and diverse, including things like aluminium, plastic, PVC and an array of different kinds of masonry.
Stainless Steel for Fire Resistance

Stainless steel has many advantages compared to these materials including its versatility, strength, sustainability, malleability, light weight and resistance to corrosion. In addition, stainless steel boasts an exceptional level of resistance to heat and fire.

Stainless steel does not ignite and has a melting point of a massive 1,400°C. The material does not have an official fire rating for the simple reasons that it does not even require one. After having undergone countless independent tests, it has been clearly shown that stainless steel can easily outperform many other materials such as aluminium and galvanised steel, even when it has been subjected to prolonged exposure to the extreme temperatures that occur in structural conflagrations.   

The fact that stainless steel cannot burn means that is does not propagate the spreading of flames, a crucial consideration in the field of construction. In addition to providing the ultimate resistance to the spreading of heat and flames the material is able to strongly resist the potential for oxidation when subject to ultra-high temperatures. 

The fire- and corrosion-resistant properties of stainless steel make it the ideal choice for many different uses across the scope of industry. One of these is petrochemical cladding applications: stainless steel is able to provide exceptional protection to vulnerable components involved in insulation systems. Other areas in which the fire resistance of stainless steel is important include for residential cladding frameworks, commercial kitchens and various automotive applications.

Whatever the format of stainless steel, whether that is strip, wire, coil or sheet, its resistance to fire remains at an exceptional level. At BS Stainless, we are able to quickly and confidently supply stainless steel components and materials of the very highest quality, all of which are made available to our diverse array of clients at a consistently-competitive price point. 

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